Equine Guided Coaching

A Warm Welcome

In addition to offering room-based coaching, I also offer Equine Guided Coaching for individuals and teams. This works on the principle that the horse is able to attune to parts of ourselves that we are less aware of, offering key insights on how we relate to others and, importantly, ourselves.

How it works

Because horses communicate non-verbally, they are constantly reading us and responding to our somatic or body-based intelligence.  Through exploring their clean non-judging feedback, this can be a catalyst for deep and long lasting change.  

“Laira has a refreshing disposition that brings together gentleness, confidence and authority without any need to push herself forward."

Issues Covered Include

What Can I Expect?



Equine Guided Coaching lends itself particularly well to issues such as career coaching, self-leadership, work transitions, core purpose and team dynamics.

Sessions take place on the ground and no riding or past horse experience is involved. They are run by Laira Gold, a Leadership and Organisational Coach who is also a Certified Monty Roberts Instructor. Equine Guided Coaching is experiential in nature, where you engage in activities with the horses and are given the psychological space to explore and process connected thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

This is your space to explore yourself at depth; what is emergent for you; and what will serve you going forward.

“In essence I feel it is all about 'quality of presence'; about my 'being' as the horse is a creature of 'being' too. It feels like the horse and person weave together like a tapestry - if the core the person is sure of themselves and in tune with the horse, the more the horse responds - it is as if it's saying 'finally, you're speaking my language.” Sarah     

Horses experience all forms of emotion. The same as humans. The difference is that horses do not try to avoid their emotions and do not separate what they feel from how they act. They act under survival instinct as they are prey animals. When a human interacts with a horse, the horse often mirrors what the human is feeling, getting right to the 'inner truth'. With the right facilitation, the horses ability to rapidly engage the client on this level can be catalytic for long lasting change. In this safe and unique learning environment, clients are able to experience the full spectrum of human emotions and try out more successful behavioural responses, relating them directly back to everyday life.

£100 per hour for privately funded individuals

Organisational day rate price on request

Equine Guided Learning Weekends

If you are interested in Equine Guided Learning as a modality and would like to find out about our 3-day residential weekends, please visit www.equilibrium-partners.com.