Laira is a Leadership and Organisational Coach, a Psychotherapist and an educator. Her first career was in Investment Banking in Canary Wharf, London, working across the UK, USA and Europe with a focus on Relationship Development and Management. For the past 15 years, Laira has been immersed in the profession of personal development and coaching in the UK. 

With a deep comprehensive psychological understanding, Laira uses a mix of skills, models and methodologies in her coaching practice. Specifically, she integrates Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Psychosynthesis coaching model of Trifocal vision, drawing upon a unique Leadership and Organisational model called the Five Dimensions of Leadership, 5DLFIVE DIMENSIONS OF LEADERSHIP.

Known for her clarity and warmth, Laira ensures her clients get the best possible outcome by balancing the coaching conversation to incorporate both the business and human aspects of work; by being supportive and challenging; and by working at depth while also creating a light-touch.

A Certified Monty Roberts Instructor, Laira is one of a small number of hand-picked Instructors around the globe, teaching the methods of world-famous horseman, Monty Roberts. She has spent 7 years running programmes teaching Monty’s principles, facilitating others to strengthen the human-horse bond.

Laira is a founding Director at Equilibrium Partners, a boutique personal and professional development provider, that delivers bespoke coaching programmes. She has experience coaching both one-to-one and with groups.  Working as part of a dynamic team of facilitators and individually, using both room-based and Equine Guided Coaching, she has delivered organisational learning outcomes concerning personal impact, presence, team dynamics and leadership and has worked with organisations such as Nissan, Thales Group, Scapa, the NHS, Chiswick Business Park and the RVC. 

Committed to her own personal development and the evolution of the profession, Laira has contributed to the existing knowledge base by presenting at conferences such as the first Psychosynthesis Coaching Symposium; co-creating and delivering an Equine Guided Learning training programme for professional Psychotherapists and Counsellors; conducting research on equine guided coaching as part of her post graduate diploma; and serving as a member of the learning faculty at Beeleaf Training Institute.

What I’m Like to Work With

“Laira’s unflinching poise and manner of compassionate enquiry enables clients to really open to their edges with safety. Her intuition enables her to see what is blocking a client, and what is possible to reach towards through a committed coaching process.  Rooted in an embodied presence, she brings a focus that encourages action, building step by step towards stated goals, yet balanced with a gentleness that helps the coachee develop self trust and confidence”. Harriet, Co-Facilitator

“I felt very comfortable with Laira's non-directive, non-judgmental and curious style. She put us at our ease whilst raising questions for us and gently challenging." Heather, Psychologist 

“Laira has a refreshing disposition that brings together gentleness, confidence and authority without any need to push.” Eva, Trainee and Coachee

“I have no other words than life changing. Laira is a superb trainer making things easy to understand and giving the perfect amount of theory and practical teaching.”  Sarah, Trainee and Coachee